Higher Monetization.

Better Retention.

Incremental Revenue.

Use Upzyde’s advanced tech to maximize revenue with in-app bidding. Our innovative ad monetization features safeguard your brand, improve UX, and serve you with maximum return on inventory.

Here’s How it Works


Benefits for App Developers

Why Choose Upzyde?

Effective Rendering
Dynamic rendering function for perfectly matched ad formats into the gaming environment
Creative Control
Enhanced inventory management related to data, content, ad formats, pricing, and more
Easy Integration
One simple to use drag-n-drop integration across several platforms
Accurate Reporting
Real-time reporting, tracking, & audits for better optimization
Premium Partnering
Get partnered with top-tier agencies & advertisers
Unity Verified
Our in-game ad solution is Unity verified so it’s trustworthy on a global scale

Ad Formats

Our non-intrusive ad formats integrate IAB-supported ad placements for display, audio & video, custom ads, and numerous streaming prospects.

Trusted Partners

Ad Format