The world around us is constantly changing and the speed at which it changes increases rapidly. In this dynamic and challenging environment, Upzyde connects the dots to ensure publishers maximise yield of their inventory.

Upzyde offers an omni-channel header bidding solution built to maximise publisher yield

Increase your yield by up to 50%!

In only a short amount of time header bidding technology has taken the market by storm. Starting out as what many referred to as a hack, header bidding technology has evolved into the preferred way publishers maximise their programmatic yield.

Upzyde is a header bidding specialist working closely with publishers to analyse, implement and manage header bidding monetisation solutions. We focus on the heavy lifting of what needs to be done to make header bidding successful.

Our Header Bidding Channels


The backbone of header bidding. We implement and managing wrapper solutions and monetise the full display inventory of publishers.


Prebid video offering combining player technology, prebid monetisation and multiple included video content options. Lightning fast play with full CMS capabilities.

Mobile in-app

One SDK to get access to all SSPs and exchanges. Reduce latency and complexity while increasing CPMs and fill rate. Full transparant solution.

Mobile AMP

Speed is everything for AMP pages and it requires a specific SDK header bidding set up to maximise AMP monetisation.

Key Revenue Boosting Features

Automatic floor price optimisation

Floor prices are still key to inventory monetisation. Typically this is done manually with a one size fit all approach. True floor price optimisation should be based on numerous criteria, like geo and ad unit and update floor prices automatically on a daily basis.

100% Viewable ads & automatic refresh

Advertisers continue to focus on in-view inventory and are prepared to pay a premium for in-view inventory. Publishers need to adopt to this and our solution offers the option to only send ad request for in-view ads. The result: less ad request, significantly higher CPMs and ultimately increased revenue

Out of Page Ad Units

Creating additional highly viewable ad units beyond the standard ad units is a highly effective way to increase ad inventory and increase yield across the site through footer, header or interstitials ads.

Upzyde Adapter

Already have a wrapper? Not a problem, we can still increase your yield! Through the Upzyde Server-2-Server Adapter we can plug-in our SSP demand in your wrapper and increase your CPMs and fill rate through the increased bid density.


Guaranteed revenue increase

Through the Upzyde header bidding set up revenue will increase by up to 50%, depending on your current set up. Header bidding itself, plus the additional revenue boosting functionalities of the Upzyde platform will ensure a significant boost in revenue.

No long term commitments

Change is the only constant and we understand publishers want to be flexible. At the same time we know our solutions work and know publishers do continue to use our solutions for extended periods.

On time payments

It talks longer and longer for publishers to get paid. Not for Upzyde publishers! Upzyde payments are like clockwork and publishers can trust funds to be paid on time, always.

In-dept expertise

Publisher success is guaranteed by the knowledge and experience of the Upzyde team and the capability to find continues optimisation opportunities.

Ensured Ad Quality

Publishers will only receive demand from tier one SSPs and agencies.

Open Platform Architecture

The Upzyde solution is built on the prebid standard and seamlessly connects to Google Ad Manager, Amazon A9 and all IAB compliant CPMs.

who we are

Upzyde is a team of specialist who have been operating in the programmatic industry for over 10 years. The continues change and new possibilities in the industry drive our team and motivate us to find and develop the best possible yield solutions for our publisher partners across the globe.


Upzyde B.V.

Fonteinlaan 5a, 2012 JT Haarlem, The Netherlands

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